BEST OF 2019

Amazingly, there are only a few that do not rise at least to the level of “GOOD” in the eyes of our merry band of connoisseurs. Many more are viewed as “VERY GOOD” and some even flirt with greatness with a VERY GOOD/EXCELLENT rating. But, “EXCELLENT” is not a word we use often. May you enjoy the following.

Device “Kiss Me I’m Dryrish

Guiness Foreign Extra

Mraz American

Mraz Barrel-Aged Imperial

Urban Roots Imperial

Urban Roots Chocolate Mustache Imperial

Coconut Infused Chocolate Mustache Imperial

Mexican Hot Chocolate Milk Mustache Imperial

BEST OF 2018 

Of the 78 stouts we tried for the podcast in 2018, only these few achieved the rank of straight-up “EXCELLENT” from one or more of our hosts.

We at the Stoutcast salute them and thank them for an enjoyable 2018.

Abnormal Beer Co Maple Mornings Imperial

East Brother Beer Co. Oatmeal

Fifty Fifty Totality Imperial

Fifty Fifty 2018 Barrel-Aged Woodford Reserve

Imbibe Imperial Oatmeal Aged In Woodford Reserve Whiskey Barrels

Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout

Le Trou Du Diable

Morgan Territory Oatmeal

Rogue Hazelutely Choctabulous Double Chocolate/Hazelnut Brown mixed at the bar

Track 7 All That I See

Track 7 Darkness Imprisoning Me

Yolo Russian Imperial