Imbib’s annual “Barrel Takeover” sounds ominous until you take one over. Courtesy

Imbib’s annual “Barrel Takeover” sounds ominous until you take one over. Courtesy

Episode 15: homecoming Means nevada

Jason Green of Imbib hosts Al Stavitsky, Dean of the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada Reno, UNR alum Bob Moffitt, and right-hand man at Bumblebee Blooms, and oat savant, Chris Knapp. Come back here if you run across one in the store. CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

Imbibe Oatmeal Stout

Jason: full-bodied with lower abv, it was made to drink many.

Al: VERY GOOD for people and cats.

Bob: VERY GOOD, balanced, no aftertaste

Chris: VERY GOOD. Oats for breakfast and dinner

Bear Republic Black Stout

Jason: VERY GOOD hits its goal of bold, rich, roasty.

Al: NOT FOR ME. Overpowering flavor, too much aftertaste

Bob: GOOD pretty well-balanced,

Chris: Delivers what it promises, but it’s NOT FOR ME

Imbibe Imperial Oatmeal Aged In Woodford Reserve Whiskey Barrels

Jason: rich, creamy, little fiery for a 10-percenter

Al: EXCELLENT extra-base hit

Bob: GOOD/VERY GOOD  balanced, smooth, I’m not a huge whiskey guy, but I appreciate the effort

Chris: EXCELLENT. I’m borrowing one of Al’s thumbs to give a three thumbs up

Imbibe Pecan Oatmeal Barrel-Aged

Jason: run through a beer engine, blended

Al: GOOD but not for non-pecan lovers

Bob: GOOD hats off for this effort, but as a non-pecan guy

Chris: VERY GOOD. I like pie.

Dugges Coffee Vanilla Black

Jason: GOOD: Big and boozy, not subtle and 13.6 percent.

Al: FAIR I like the vanilla notes. Hard to get past that smell. Knocks you back

Bob: GOOD/VERY GOOD Lopsided. I like the vanilla, may be the best vanilla notes to date. So boozy on the back end.

Chris: FAIR. Vanilla saves it. The smell is completely different from the taste.