Episode 14: giving thanks

 You may know him from Rubicon but Chris Keeton is now the head brew dude at Alaro in Sacramento. Todd and Bob sit down with him and do some deep thinking over four pretty interesting beers: Alaro’s own oatmeal, Young’s Double Chocolate, St Peter’s Cream Stout, and Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal. CLICK HERE to listen.

Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal

Chris Keeton: VERY GOOD. Roasty and woody. A classic you will find all over England.

Todd Moffitt: VERY GOOD. “I would buy it.”

Bob Moffitt: VERY GOOD. Classic, beautiful aftertaste, which is to say, none.

Young’s Double Chocolate

Keeton: VERY GOOD. Chocolate aroma but vanilla dominates.

T Moffitt: GOOD. Too thin. All of the chocolate in the aroma.

B Moffitt: VERY GOOD. It's baking chocolate, Hasn't everyone eaten some?

St. Peter’s Cream

Keeton: GOOD: No carbonation, fruit-laden, sweet without being cloying

T Moffitt: GOOD. Unusual. Out of my comfort zone.

B Moffitt: GOOD/VERY GOOD but you have to let it breathe. A little funky otherwise.

Alaro La Luna Oatmeal

Keeton: Three kinds of oats. I love oats. Going for creamy, nitro goodness.

T Moffitt: VERY GOOD. Nice, easy-drinking.

B. Moffitt: GOOD/VERY GOOD: First oatmeal stout I've had that really gives you oats and in waves. Very complex. Slight aftertaste.