With a new canning line and an imperial stout, Greg Tuhey with Out of Bounds Brewing is ready to stock Santa's sleigh and light the menorah. The question is, will the other imperials in this edition come with ribbons under the tree? Or will they end up next to a lump of coal in the stockings of bad little boys and girls? CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST. Greg welcomes John “Alpine Glass” Hunt and Bob Moffitt and provides our first look at mobile canning units.

Evans Brewing’s Stout At The Devil Russian Imperial

John: The Motley Crue reference and the can are cool, but the lack of chocolate or coffee is not. FAIR/POOR

Bob: So fruity it’s almost wine. Can't tell it’s a stout. POOR

Greg : Lots of fruit and acidity. Is it stale? FAIR

Mission Brewing Dark Seas Russian Imperial

Greg: Well-hidden 10% abv, very roasty, a little bitter. GOOD

Bob: Nice, typical for the style, a little bitter: GOOD

John: Roasty, hints of chocolate. VERY GOOD.

Jackrabbit Brewing Imperia Russian Imperial

Bob: Kudos for a legible label, not getting what it promises, fruity, boozy, FAIR/POOR But it improves greatly after a week with the cap off.

Greg: Why do I taste bananas? I expect a little bitterness but this lingers, maybe too many hops. FAIR

John: I would date this beer based on appearance but would dump it once I got to know it. FAIR

Out Of Bounds Russian Imperial

Greg: Big coffee, chocolate, a little sweetness, for the savvy.

John: Hey! I’m savvy. VERY GOOD. Nice and creamy.

Bob: Interesting roast flavor, VERY GOOD

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